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Powerful spreadsheets based on multidimensional cubes 

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Way better than spreadsheets

All spreadsheets are based on concepts introduced by VisiCalc forty years ago:

 a two dimensional grid with data and formulas mixed all together.

This implies the maintenance of a large number of  data and often complex formulas cells.


Multidimensional cubes are the future of spreadsheets

They  provide:

  • Efficient storage

  • A number of formulas reduced by 100x to 1.000x

  • Scalability, Reliability, Simplicity

  • Mechanisms for loading data from multiple sources

  • Always-on Pivot views

  • Powerful modelling and "what-if" simulation tools

  • Business Intelligence like Charting and Data Visualisation

  • Sharing & collaboration


Project oriented

All needed objects are kept in one place to avoid broken references or missing items.

Build on Dimensions

A list of items which can be added/removed and moved around.

Items can be of type numbers, text, dates and can be displayed in various ways: plain, check boxes, progress bars, KPI metrics, ...

Formulas built in dimensions are written in plain text with no more obscure cell references.

All format and style information is automatically propagated.


Load data with Links

Connect to various data sources like MS Excel, MS Access, SQL servers, SAP R/3, others and load data directly into your cubes instead of making manual entries which are time consuming and prone to errors.

Links will also allow drill down to explore your data..

You can of course still paste data, drag & drop or use your keyboard.


"What-if" you have never seen before

Just type the target value over a calculated cell  and view all affected cells.

Use the chart based data modeller to interactively set values with your mouse.



Leverage your existing data to have a peek into the future with several regression methods

KPI & Dashboards simplified

KPI metrics can be easily calculated to reflect performance for curent period, year to date and compare to previous year.

Results can be displayed directly as  up/down arrows, Red, Amber, Green lights or a progress bar.


Charting and visualization


Charts easy as 1, 2, 3

XCubes provides a large variety of fully customisable charts with zooming, sorting and filtering capabilities.

Drag and drop dimensions around to see different views.

Navigate in 3D charts by panning & zooming.


Sharing & Collaboration

(coming soon)

Share cubes

Cubes can be shared via the Cloud to offer your colleagues or classmates a single version of the truth and allow them to make the best use of the data.

Subscribers will be notified  when the data has changed.


Try it for free

Unlimited applications

  • Budgeting, forecasting

  • Reporting

  • Consolidation

  • Planning, costing, payroll

  • Project mamagement

  • Data integration

  • KPI & Dashboards

  • Data analysis

  • ... much more



Windows desktop version with sample projects.

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iPad / iPhone

iOS version with sample projects

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