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XCubes Privacy Policy

July, 2017


Current version


The XCubes application creates a XCubes project folder within the Documents folder to store the projects created with XCubes.


All the data generated by the application is stored locally on the user’s computer in the specified folder.


XCubes offers to install sample projects - for educational purposes - with the user’s consent inside de XCubes projects folder.


XCubes does not access any other file on your computer and does not use or transfer any personal data or information from the computer.



Future versions


Upcoming version of the application will offer cube sharing and collaboration features as a choice of the user.


These features will make use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

The data storage location is currently set to Western Europe.


Projects created by the user will always be stored locally on his computer until he decides to start to share or collaborate with other users.

In this case the data will be replicated to the cloud. 

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